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The Little Boy Who Hated Jazz



Blue Butterfly Publishing, a division of the

Skipp Pearson Jazz Foundation, presents the Storytime Tour. 

The tour will travel nationwide April 1, 2010 through December 18, 2011.


Designed for chidlren, K5 through 3rd Grade, this

sixty minute (60) oral, and multi-media presentation

tells the story of an original character,

Bix Sidney Harper.

A six year boy who truly believes that he hates music, especially

jazz music.


Through discovery...Bix is given the opportunity to

explore live jazz music which changes the way he feels about all forms of music.



You Can Help Bring the story of

Bix to children in your region

and support Jazz Music Education.


Your business can help by sponsoring a tour near you.


Or you can book a tour for your local facility.  


Blue Butterfly Publishing thanks our sponsors